The Power of Photoshop - Real Estate Edition

One of the most common edits I do is a sky replacement when it was an overcast day, had to shoot with the sun in the frame, or just a less-visually pleasing sky. This goes a very long way especially for a bland grey/white backdrop. Check out the gif below on the process! I include sky replacement standard with my real estate photography service.


Another time for needing to jump into Photoshop is for larger object removal. Most simple spot or object removal can be done just within Lightroom and with recent updates has made it even more powerful, but sometimes Photoshop is just a bit better in doing so. Photoshop gives a number of more tools for manual editing as well. In the example below, the background behind the sign is pretty simple so making quick use of the spot healing tool removes it in seconds!


When the background however is a bit more complex as in the below clip, there is the window/siding of the other house, the railing, bushes, and part of the house all behind the sign- the automated methods such as spot healing or content-aware fill don't work so well. Thus a bit of manual photoshop is needed to make it look a bit better.

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