Stunning Estate-Like Property in Manchester-by-the-Sea

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

Very unassuming from the front

Having an acre of land up in the greater Boston area isn’t always a thing, let alone landscaped and crafted like this. Two pergolas, beautiful stonework, shaped hedges, a boat house, horseshoe pit, gardens, and more adorned these grounds. It was a bright, lovely summer afternoon though I had thankfully just finished up the exteriors as some storm clouds were about to roll in. Inside everything was so clean with numerous detailing in the finishes. With lots of great lines and symmetry to work with, there was plenty there to capture and tough narrowing things down actually. Plenty of windows looking out onto the yard really tied everything together. Much more to describe but I think the photos can speak for themselves. Take a tour of the exquisite grounds before moving on to view the ornate interiors.

How would you like to live in a place like this and spending time out in that backyard? Comment below your favorite features!

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