The Photography and Videography Gear that I Use

Introducing a brand new page to my site as well as the start of blog posting.

On this new page I'll be updating my gear page with my current lineup of photography gear that I use for my professional client work. Along with that, I am intending on going a bit more in depth with blog posts about individual pieces of gear detailing how crucial it is for me, why I chose the particular option over others, and more.

I am a believer in that the gear certainly does not make the photographer or the photos/video but how you use it; however as you reach higher points in your photogreaphy/videography journey, you sometimes outgrow what you have and new/upgraded pieces of gear will allow you to operate in new and more efficient ways and allow you to expand what you do.

Click on below to see the what I'm using and looking forward to hearing any comments and questions!


Disclaimer: current image is just a placeholder and not necessarily the actual gear that I use.

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