My Main Camera - The Sony A7iii

My A7iii and Sony Zeiss 16-35mm lens

Where to begin. This camera really led me to begin my journey into professional photography and videography and has been an absolute pleasure of a camera to work with for both types of work. It wasn't until I purchased the A7iii did I begin to fine tune my photography and also move more into video work.

Being a hybrid shooter, a camera that did both photo and video well was a must. Before deciding on the A7iii, now almost 3 years later, I was coming from the Nikon ecosystem with the D7200. I decided that I wanted to move into the full frame world with the mirrorless form factor, as the latter certainly had been gaining traction as the future of photography. However I already had several Nikon lenses in my arsenal and I was at a crossroads if I wanted to stay with Nikon or completely switch gears. Nikon was about to release their first mirrorless body, the Z6, however they were switching to a new lens mount meaning that I'd need to add the extra bulk of an adapter to use my exisiting Nikon lenses- this seemed to me a large tradeoff and probably would end up wanting to buy native-mount lenses, essentially rendering my exisiting lens lineup not a consideration as I would be selling either way. This ultimately ended up being a decision to be 'true to Nikon' or to actually consider each potential option on its own without any bias of what I had been using prior.

If I recall correctly, Panasonic's GH5 as well as an offering of Fujifilm's were on the table but to be honest the A7iii was the real standout to me. I had briefly considered the A7ii (and actually, had tried purchasing as a 2nd cam a year or so later and ended up returning as it left me quite unimpressed especially due to the battery life) but figured if I was going to make the move I should go with the latest and greatest which should last me for a handful of years. The GH5 didn't offer the full-frame sensor I was after and Nikon was just too new to the mirrorless game and with their new lens mount it meant that lens options without the use of an adapter paled in comparison to the lineup that Sony and 3rd parties had built up.

Shot with my Tamron 28-75mm

Looking back I'm definitely happy with the path I took and this camera has been serving me well ever since. It has a really great sensor and having the ability to shoot 4K without much issue of overheating has been a must. I love the Sony lens lineup with plenty of great low cost, yet still high quliaty, options from 3rd parties like Tamron. I happen to own Tamron’s 28-75mm and 70-180mm lenses. The dual card slots has been a savior, mostly due to having forgotten to replace the SD card after removing to unload footage but have also used it for backup on some shoots. Within the last year I’ve also purchased an a6600 as a 2nd camera but not having a full frame sensor sometimes has me feeling a bit disadvantaged for a few reasons. Meaning I have been looking at something like the A7sIV as an upgrade (as I’ve learned I don’t necessarily need a high MP count and have been doing more video production work) and the A7III moreso becoming my 2nd camera. That's still probably a little ways off and would certainly wait until the direct succesor A7IV to be released to see what that will have to offer. Until then I'm going to continue to run this as my main workhorse camera, continuing to deliver high quality media to my clients.

Stay tuned for more upcoming gear posts as well as client production work. If you‘ve happened across this post, say hi or let me know your thoughts and anything you’d like to hear or see from me.

Shot at 16mm on my Zeiss 16-35mm

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