Real Estate Listing Showcase - Living on the Ipswich River

Eric Kolibas Photography

Can't ask for much better days than these for real estate photography. Love the symmetry and architecture here.
Aerial views of the property right on the river

This one will be coming on soon to the market in Ipswich, MA with some great frontage right along the river. A beautiful backyard with a sizeable rear deck spanning almost along the entire length of the home perfect for hosting friends and family or enjoying meals with views. Also produced a full video showcase for this one so be sure to check that out at the end!

Nice landscaping to accompany. Some more of the exteriors.

Heading inside there's plenty more to show off. Those large windows are awesome for natural light to accentuate that nice foyer. Check out the rest of the upper level.


That downstairs certainly has the main attractions with the large master suite and picture-frame viewsas well as that large bar with direct walkout backyard access.


Take a watch of the video showcase that I produced for this listing.


Some final aerials to finish off the tour of this property.


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