Film Equipment


The current lineup of various photography and videography gear that I use for my professional client work.


Sony A7iii

This was a big deal for me when I switched and upgraded from my Nikon D7200. I am a hybrid shooter and having a camera that does both photo and video well is a must.


DJI Ronin RSC2

Great stabilizer gimbal for my A7iii and lenses. Plenty of power so that there's no issue of jittering or wobble. If you have a similar setup with the A7iii, definitely recommend over e.g. the Ronin SC2 as the motors aren't quite up to the task and have had issues with joystick drift.

Godox AD200.jpg

Godox AD200 Flash

For real estate work this is a must if incorporating flash into your photos. Plenty of power for even the largest of rooms. Also use for portrait work and for outside being able to overpower the sun.

Vanguard Alta Pro 2.JPG

Vanguard Alta Pro 2

Decent upgrade from the most basic of tripods. The fact that the center column can be oriented horizontally is cool feature and have used it at least a few times for downward-looking angles.


Zoom H4n Audio Recorder

An external audio recorder is a must have for capturing audio from an XLR output or mic and especially as a backup or in a boom situation. The H4n is definitely one of Zoom's older models but it has served me pretty well.

Pixel Shutter Release.PNG

Pixel Remote Shutter Release/Timer

I think that this is a must for real estate especially shooting in lower light situations so you don't have to touch your camera and add in any camera shake. Also a bonus for those pesky mirror shots and being able to stay out of the reflection.


Sony a6600

This is a great 2nd cam for various types of shoots, whether I want to utilize two different lenses during a portrait shoot, for that secondary camera angle during an interview/talking head segment, or capturing two individuals/ groups at once.

sony 16-35mm f4.jpg

Sony 16-35mm f/4

My go-to for real estate photography and videography. The non-fisheye wide angle is a must and has a nice range for getting some details. 

Godox V1.PNG

Godox V1 Speedlight

Great for portraits with an incredible recycle time. This will last you all day for a wedding and can easily hot-swap an extra battery if really needed. Works as a master trigger for additional flashes as well and just gives off a great light.

Theta Z1.JPG

Theta Z1 360 Camera

Great option for creating 360 virtual tours and especially as it's supported by Matterport for offering for real estate. Not quite the resolution as the Matterport Pro2 cameras but captures in a fracton of the time and works fine enough IMO.

Godox VL150.PNG

Godox VL150 LED COB Light

Good amount of power for interviews, weddings, and scene lighting. Daylight balanced and the remote control is great for adjustments. Paird with a v mount battery and you can take this anywhere!

NPZ100 Batteries.PNG

Extra NP-FZ100 Batteries

Even though Sony's updated batteries last much longer than the FW50 batteries for the A7ii and older cameras, I'm perfectly content running with non-Sony-official batteries as they last just as long and are much, more cheaper (plus usually can be found with a charger bundle). Just will need to be prepared to dismiss an onscreen warning when using which is no big deal.

Mavic 2 Pro.jpg

DJI Mavic 2 Pro

Having the variable aperture for filming aerial footage is a must for me. Another big jump compared to my Mavic Air both in image quality and time up in the air on a single battery.

Tamron 28-75mm f2.8.JPG

Sony 16-35mm f/4

This is my main lens for portraits, headshots, and other photo & video work. Great focal length range and that 2.8 across all is wonderful.

Godox X2TS.jpg

Godox X2T Flash Trigger

A must have for triggering off-camera flashes. Love the fact that it has a hotshoe on top if wanting to run an on camera flash that didn't have a built in wireless transmitter. I end up using for a shutter trigger however.

Nanuk 935 case.JPG

Nanuk 935 Wheeled Travel Hard Case

Something to put it all in! Rugged high quality case with the ability to wheel it and take as a carry on! The padded dividers are a must if you think you'll ever rearrange your gear. Offered in a handful of colors and the optional lid organizer is also great for storing small items/accessories.

Godox ML60.PNG

Godox ML60 LED COB Light

Perfect as a fill or hair light or even a key depending on the situation! Works well for lighting a wedding reception too. The fact that this can be handheld and also run off Sony NP-stlye batteries is a huge bonus. It's also super quiet, lightweight, and compact.

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